25 years male presenting with convulsion.

MRI shows small cystic lesion in left frontal lobe with an intraluminal nodule and perlesional edema.

Diagnosis – Neurocysticercosis.

Patient with severe low back pain.

MRI lumbosacral spine shows large L4-L5 disc herniation (slip disc).

Patient having high jaundice.

MRCP study shows stone impacted at the distal end of Common Bile Duct causing obstructive dilatation of the biliary channels. 

Patient involved in accident presenting with paralysis.

CT scan shows fracture of C6 vertebra.
MRI shows features of marked cord contusion by the retropulsed fracture fragment. 

Child born with swelling in the back of neck.

MRI shows a large cystic swelling in the back of the cervical spine communicating with the spinal canal lumen. A few thin nerve roots are seen herniating into it

Diagnosis – Cervical meningomyelocele.